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Training & Nutrition · 25. May 2018
Grip strength is often neglected in mainstream training programs, and I think this is a big mistake. Even if you're not heavily into training, strengthening your grip has many benefits. Click and watch the video below to listen to me discuss the topic in detail, and share some exercise suggestions you can use to develop stronger hands.

Training & Nutrition · 10. May 2018
Having an idea of the right equipment to use in strengthening your lower body could be quite helpful. Here is some gym equipment that you should consider buying for your leg exercises.

Training & Nutrition · 09. May 2018
When it comes to expertise in any field, it's vital to always retain willingness to learn. Without that, you can't truly consider yourself an expert in any area, since part of being an expert means keeping an open mind, and sin some cases, completely changing your ideas or perspective. I recently had just such an experience surrounding my bench press technique. Watch my video on overhauling my bench press style with my friend Malcolm Noland.

Training & Nutrition · 03. May 2018
Just about everyone picks up a barbell at some point, some only once, others thousands of times. For those who make training a lifestyle, enthusiasm often runs too high. It’s important not to let it get the better of you. This usually leads to setbacks, particularly when you first start lifting. Controlling enthusiasm helps avoid mistakes. Here are 6 mistakes often made by novice lifters.

Training & Nutrition · 30. April 2018
In this video I share the method I've found works best for recovering from strength training stress through deloading.

Training & Nutrition · 30. April 2018
If you’ve been following this website for a while, you probably realize by now that barbell training is my thing. I touch on it in most of my articles, and it’s my view that everyone should do it. But this article isn’t another rehashing of the same attempt to get you to take up barbell training. Instead, I want to talk about a specific exercise – the standing overhead press.

Training & Nutrition · 20. April 2018
Here's a simple but effective technique I've started using in my training to maximize the weight I can lift while minimizing the effects of fatigue. It's been around a long time, but if it's new to you, give it a try in your next workout. I call it "pyramiding".

Training & Nutrition · 16. April 2018
Very few people I coach are completely new to training. Some lift for years before seeking my advice. Lack of progress is usually why. Despite lots of gym experience, they don’t enjoy the gains expected. Sometimes no gains at all. If you’ve hit a plateau in your training, here are 5 things that might be holding you back.

Training & Nutrition · 11. April 2018
Proper workout structure is crucial for muscle gain, and this means hitting the 4 main lifts: squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press. These compound barbell movements make you bigger and stronger, but they’re not enough on their own. Train only these 4 and you’ll miss out on serious gains. That’s where assistance lifts can help.

Training & Nutrition · 11. April 2018
When my dad, Steve, asked me to write him a barbell strength training program several months ago, I knew the job would include certain challenges. If you’re new to training, short on time, and want to get the very best results possible, the program I created for him can help you, too.

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