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Training & Nutrition · 21. February 2018
Loaded barbell exercises are the best way to get strong, but if you try heavy squats or deadlift without proper stretching first, you're asking for trouble. Watch the video below and see two simple and effective stretches you can do anywhere to help improve hip flexibility for squats and other leg dominant movements.

Training & Nutrition · 07. February 2018
For those driven to push their bodies to the natural limits so those limits can expand, being temporarily grounded by pain often breeds intense mental anguish. It certainly has for me. But all is not lost. Here are my 5 favourite battle strategies for when injury comes calling.

Training & Nutrition · 07. February 2018
If you like the idea of a home gym but don’t know what equipment you need to get started, this post will help. Here are the things you’ll need to build your own fully equipped strength training gym in your home.

Training & Nutrition · 24. January 2018
I’m not a fan of relying too much on fancy equipment. The guy with the nicest camera in the room won’t necessarily take the best pictures. That said, I believe it’s important to always be properly equipped for the task before you. Serious lifters need proper equipment, and while it’s easy to become too dependent on training accessories, here are 6 items I believe should be in every dedicated trainee’s gym bag.

Training & Nutrition · 24. January 2018
The trouble with many commercial gyms these days is that they’re full of fancy machines, while barbells and weight plates are increasingly rare. Most gyms still have them, but there’s often a sense that these antique, time-tested training tools are second rate, and modern, complex machines are far better for regular people.

Training & Nutrition · 24. January 2018
You get under the bar, take a deep, bracing breath, and push it free of the standards. Something’s wrong. It’s only 10 pounds more than what you squatted last week, but it feels way heavier. Shockingly heavy. You start squatting and the first rep feels like a 1 rep max. This scenario isn’t unusual. In fact, for anyone who’s been training seriously for more than a few months, it’s inevitable.

Training & Nutrition · 16. January 2018
Just about everyone I know who lifts weights regularly is at least a little concerned with how they look. I know I am. Even those who claim to train mainly for strength over aesthetics will tell you (if they’re honest) that having visible gains is part of the attraction. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does raise some important questions. Don’t you always get stronger when you get bigger, and vice versa? Yes and no.

Training & Nutrition · 10. January 2018
"I'm 34, and recently started weight training for the first time. I'm seeing some strength gains, but feel I'm falling short on the nutrition side. I know I need to eat a high-protein diet to build muscle, but beyond that I'm totally confused. I hear guys at the gym talk about "bulking" and "cutting", and am not sure exactly what they mean, or which one I should start with. Can you help?"

Training & Nutrition · 04. January 2018
In our quest to become better, stronger men, back pain is all too common. I’m Joseph Maxwell, brother of Robert and co-founder of The Man Factory. Over the course of my career as a lifter and national-champion shot putter, I’ve dealt with my share of back problems. Through years of trial and error, I’ve developed some simple protocols which have helped me stay healthy and strong. They can help you too.

Training & Nutrition · 03. January 2018
Using everyday objects along with your own bodyweight, you can get a pretty decent training session in without any barbells, dumbbells, or weight plates. Here are 7 exercises you can do with stuff that’s probably lying around your home or hotel when a weight set isn’t.

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