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Training & Nutrition · 22. September 2018
The deadlift is a fundamental strength movement. The ability to bend over and pick up something heavy is an essential trait for convenience and quality of life. Deadlifting is also a way to test yourself like no other. My latest “test” was 405 lbs x 6.

Training & Nutrition · 15. September 2018
Sometimes a small change in technique can make a big difference to your results in the gym. In this video, I explain the difference between high bar and low bar squats, and why I switched from one to the other.

Training & Nutrition · 31. August 2018
A while back my brother Joseph and I did a pretty intense, high volume upper body workout, which I decided to film. We started the session with strict overhead press for sets of 10, then moved on to exercises for the back, chest, and arms. Click and watch the video to see how we train upper body.

Training & Nutrition · 11. August 2018
"I’m almost 80, very stiff in the joints, have a poor range of motion in my arms and legs, bad flexibility, and I’m very weak. I wish I had done something about it years ago, but I want to do something about it now."

Training & Nutrition · 11. August 2018
A reader recently asked me about my personal training goals. Here's my answer.

Training & Nutrition · 11. August 2018
Injuries are an inevitable part of the strength training lifestyle. If all you do is lift 15 pound dumbbells a couple times per week, chances are you’ll be fine. But if you’ve truly been bitten by the iron bug, and have a deep-seeded need to do barbell training hard and regularly, you will get hurt. It’s only a matter of time.

Training & Nutrition · 04. August 2018
Recently I bought a new pair of knee sleeves to support my knees during squats and other leg-intensive movements. If you're not familiar with knee sleeves, they're essentially tubes of neoprene designed to slide over the knees and provide warmth and stability to the joints, reducing the risk of knee injury. Watch the video for my first impressions of my new sleeves.

Training & Nutrition · 04. August 2018
A while back, I wrote an article detailing the training program I used at that time, and recommended to my personal training clients. I have since made some changes to the program, which I feel are significant enough that I should let you know what they are.

Training & Nutrition · 04. August 2018
If you’re interested in getting strong, it’s vital to realize the power wielded by your mind. Here are 3 strategies I’ve found highly effective for harnessing this power.

Training & Nutrition · 16. July 2018
Lots of guys who start lifting for the first time struggle with hip flexibility in the squat. That's where this tip comes in.

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