Lifestyle · 08. December 2018
I've observed that men who live and work in rural situations are very often stronger both physically and mentally than their urban counterparts. Take offence if you wish, but I believe I can back this up pretty solidly. Here are four reasons rural living makes better men.

Lifestyle · 17. November 2018
Every year the United Church in Gore Bay, Ontario, Manitoulin Island hosts a community turkey supper, and folks from all over come out to eat and enjoy the company.

Lifestyle · 03. November 2018
I consider myself a crusader for strength and fitness, preaching a consistent message to the lazy and out-of-shape. But if this approach most often fails to get weak, untrained people hoisting barbells regularly, perhaps it's time to adjust my strategy.

Lifestyle · 20. October 2018
Although I love powerlifting and running this website, my day job is operating a digital media production company which I started in 2009 called "Digital Peasant Media". Part of this work includes video production, and my latest video project is what I'd like to share with you today.

Lifestyle · 28. September 2018
Where I live in rural Northern Ontario, Canada, beef farming is a big deal. Manitoulin Island has many small beef producing operations, and just about every full time Islander has at least a little experience doing farm work. Even though I'm not a farmer, I occasionally get involved in this sort of work. My dad, Steve, rents out his pasture to a beef farming friend to feed and house his cattle. Dad went on a trip recently, and asked me to keep the herd fed. Here's a video of the process.

Lifestyle · 28. September 2018
A huge poplar tree recently fell across my driveway. This is what happened next.

Lifestyle · 22. September 2018
When it comes to strength and fitness, it's hard to succeed without a good program and the right equipment. That said, everyday life presents plenty of opportunities for additional fitness, beyond what you do in the gym.

Lifestyle · 15. September 2018
’ve compiled the following list of signs that you’re too weak. You might disagree with some or all of these, and that’s fine. Just keep in mind that it’s easy to dismiss a set of standards which you don’t meet.

Lifestyle · 17. August 2018
Among the vast, untrained masses, there exists a great deal of confusion regarding exercise. This takes many forms, and one of the most common is blurring of the line between cardiovascular fitness and strength. More often than not, those who don’t train regularly to achieve either will think of any sort of exercise as simply “getting in shape”. Why is this a problem? A few reasons.

Lifestyle · 17. August 2018
My youngest brother Jacob got a summer job at the horse riding stable where he's been taking lessons since 2014. Here's an interview with him, and some footage of what he's been up to.

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