Lifestyle · 22. September 2018
When it comes to strength and fitness, it's hard to succeed without a good program and the right equipment. That said, everyday life presents plenty of opportunities for additional fitness, beyond what you do in the gym.

Lifestyle · 15. September 2018
’ve compiled the following list of signs that you’re too weak. You might disagree with some or all of these, and that’s fine. Just keep in mind that it’s easy to dismiss a set of standards which you don’t meet.

Lifestyle · 17. August 2018
Among the vast, untrained masses, there exists a great deal of confusion regarding exercise. This takes many forms, and one of the most common is blurring of the line between cardiovascular fitness and strength. More often than not, those who don’t train regularly to achieve either will think of any sort of exercise as simply “getting in shape”. Why is this a problem? A few reasons.

Lifestyle · 17. August 2018
My youngest brother Jacob got a summer job at the horse riding stable where he's been taking lessons since 2014. Here's an interview with him, and some footage of what he's been up to.

Lifestyle · 11. August 2018
Most of the material I write here strongly advocates strength training and presents its many significant physical and mental benefits. Obviously, this article will be different.

Lifestyle · 27. July 2018
Where I live in rural Northern Ontario, Canada, hammocks are an important part of summer fun. There's nothing quite like kicking back in the hammock after a hard day, and enjoying a glass of lemonade or a good book. I've had a hammock sitting in a cupboard for a long time, but finally decided this was the year I was going to install it. I took a different approach than most people. Watch the video and see how I handled the challenge of hanging a hammock so it's solid, yet easily removable.

Lifestyle · 19. July 2018
Every year I pick raspberries from our family garden, which my wife and I use to make delicious jam that lasts us all year. In this video I take you on a tour of a process, and share my philosophy on boring jobs and why they're good to do every now and then.

Lifestyle · 09. July 2018
Every year here on Manitoulin Island, my dad and I get together to split and stack the firewood we'll need to keep both our houses warm all winter. This year we had my brother around to help us out. Watch the video for a glimpse of our firewood production process.

Lifestyle · 06. July 2018
I’m sometimes accused of placing too much emphasis on physical strength and training, and not enough on other pursuits. It’s worth noting that the majority of these accusations come from non-lifters who are arguing hypothetically, having never experienced physical strength themselves. Still, they bring up a valid question. Should all other feats in life pale in comparison to feats of strength?

Lifestyle · 15. June 2018
As some of you may know, I own and operate a video production company on my home island of Manitoulin. A while back, I purchased a camera-equipped drone for aerial filming, and I've been very pleased with it every since. For some time now, subscribers have been asking to see more context around my rural home. That's why this week I launched my drone over my own place. Click below to see my surroundings from the air.

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