Lifestyle · 16. March 2018
My goal for this article is to provide a reality check for those considering parenthood. I won’t spend much time dwelling on the joyful parts of child-rearing, because no one needs a warning about those. Not all aspects of parenthood are joyful, though. Not even close. Here are 5 things I wish someone had told me about having a child.

Lifestyle · 06. March 2018
A number of people have asked me to make a video about the backwoods cabin I built where my family and I currently live. I started the project when I was 18, and have been working on it off and on ever since. If you've read my "Cabin Chronicles" series, you'll already be familiar with the place, but perhaps not in its current form. Click to watch the video.

Lifestyle · 28. February 2018
In my early days of bodybuilding, I was frustrated with what seemed like pathetically little progress on my physique, and particularly tempted to start using something. I almost gave in. Thankfully I became convinced steroids weren’t my path to fulfillment after all, and never took any. Since then I’ve had several people ask why I choose to remain a natural lifter. Here are the 4 most important reasons.

Lifestyle · 27. February 2018
I decided to build my own fully functional home gym when I got serious about training. Lately I've gotten lots of requests for a tour of my setup, so I decided to make a video.

Lifestyle · 19. February 2018
Cities are necessary. I’m just glad I don’t have to live in one. If you’re from the concrete jungle and curious about the appeal of the country, keep reading. Here are 5 reasons I love my rural lifestyle.

Lifestyle · 14. February 2018
When it comes to strength, fitness, and general health, there's a lot more to it then just lifting heavy weights. In fact, if that's all you do you'll likely have problems. Therapeutic massage might not be something you've thought much about. Up until recently, I was the same, but after having a conversation with my friend Melanie Blain, a retired massage therapist, I realize more than ever that there's more to optimal body function than imposing training stress. Read our conversation.

Lifestyle · 09. February 2018
If you’ve read my Cabin Chronicles series, you know that I built a small house in the woods where I now live with my wife, daughter, and cat. I started the project at 19, with virtually no knowledge or experience in construction. I’m 27 now, and if I could go back, I’d do it again. This article is to present you with some of the benefits of this self-building approach.

Lifestyle · 10. January 2018
The Man Factory is about urging you to embrace the second option. That goes for exercise and life in general. When faced with challenges, each choice you make contributes to your character, either for good or ill. If you're serious about getting mentally and physically tough and strong, it's vital to keep this in mind. Here are four strategies for harnessing challenges in your life to boost your toughness and become a better man.

Lifestyle · 18. December 2017
Even in my rural community of Manitoulin Island, almost nobody gets real Christmas trees anymore. Artificial trees are certainly easier, and I don't want to knock them, but I was raised on real Christmas trees cut from the back lot of my parents' land, and I want to keep that tradition alive. Watch a video of my hunt for this year's tree.

Lifestyle · 08. December 2017
Cardio often gets a bad rap for as the boring type of exercise, and sometimes that's true. Hours sweating on a treadmill isn't my idea of a captivating workout, but cardio doesn't have to be so repetitive. Check out my video on turning everyday tasks like shoveling snow into interesting, high intensity cardio sessions.

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