Inspiration · 19. July 2018
Every so often, you encounter someone who’s so intensely passionate, it’s as if they don’t need discipline. No matter how lofty their goals, difficult their circumstances, or disadvantaged their starting points, these folks somehow manage to tear through all obstacles like they’re tissue paper. Muss Peter is like that.

Inspiration · 11. July 2018
Human beings are naturally lazy. Your individual level of success in life is largely determined by your ability to resist this fact. The best way I’ve found to do so involves purposely seeking out tasks you’d rather not perform, and force yourself to do them anyway. Here are three such activities that I’ve found go a long way in this endeavor.

Inspiration · 10. July 2018
In 2001, I was 11 and took swimming lessons under the instruction of Jonas Olson-Ewart. Fast forward 16 years, and Jonas and I have reconnected. We have a few more things in common now then back in my swimming lesson days. We're both fathers, and share a passion for strength training. Recently I had the chance to interview my former instructor, and really liked what he had to say about training and life. I think you will, too.

Inspiration · 23. June 2018
Part of the purpose of this website is to help men improve themselves. Much of this improvement centers around physicality, but improvement of character is just as vital. Just about everywhere I look, I see weak, underachieving men. When did it become OK for a large percentage of males to be indecisive, physically flaccid, and non-leaders in their own homes?

Inspiration · 15. June 2018
When it comes to aging, I’m often surprised just how widely the process can vary. For some, 80 years old might as well be a death sentence. Others this age still look and move like someone decades younger. Why the difference? Obviously, genetics play a large role, but is this all there is to it? I don’t think so.

Inspiration · 08. June 2018
A strong core makes just about everything in life easier. Whether your next lift involves a barbell, baby seat, or box, well developed abdominals and spinal erectors will help. In this video my competitive shot put and discus throwing brother Joseph and I share a core-specific training routine involving weighted planks, reverse hyperextensions, and ab wheel.

Inspiration · 08. June 2018
Grip training is a vital part of overall strength development, but it's often neglected by typical gym goers. One reason is that grip-specific exercises aren't as fun or exciting as more popular movements. Trouble is, a weak grip negatively affects many other lifts. Deadlift, curls, pullups (and pulldowns), rows, and many other popular strength training movements directly involve the hands, and your ability to squeeze them strongly around a barbell.

Inspiration · 05. June 2018
In this video my brother Joseph, a competitive shot put and discus thrower, and I train legs together and talk about lifting and strength.

Inspiration · 01. June 2018
Of the many puzzled expressions I’ve caused in my life, the largest number happened right after I graduated from high school in 2008. That’s when I decided to do something that no one else in my graduating class did. Something radical and adventurous. Looking like many lazy layabouts before me, I decided to forego college and stay at home.

Inspiration · 18. May 2018
Far too few modern young people experience the benefits regular doses of hard manual labour can deliver. What are these benefits? Keep reading for a list of 4 of my favourites.

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