Inspiration · 10. November 2018
The funny thing about winter is that it seems to divide people into 2 groups. There are those who calmly accept it with grace and poise, and those who rail against it and complain at every opportunity. As time goes on, I'm sad to report noticing more and more of the latter sort, and less of the former. Here's a video I made discussing this in more detail.

Inspiration · 26. October 2018
I recently asked the guys in my Facebook group, Strength North of 50, to share their favourite inspirational quotes and mantras. These guys are all over 50, and committed to a strong, fit, and healthy lifestyle. If anyone knows how to reject age as an excuse for inactivity, it's these guys. I liked the quotes they shared, and I think you will too. Keep reading for a list of 13 quotes shared by strong, fit men over 50.

Inspiration · 20. October 2018
Ronald from Missouri writes: "Hi Robert, I'm a big fan of your site and Facebook group, and love your content for men my age (57 this year). My wife laughs at me because she figures I'll never actually take any of the advice I read. The sad part is she's probably right. It's not that I don't want to get stronger – I just don't have time."

Inspiration · 12. October 2018
The ability to fix things when they break is always valuable, especially when you've bought something useful but in some disrepair. This was my situation exactly when I purchased a high-end used leather powerlifting belt from a friend of mind. It was in great shape, except for a few rivets that held the leather together. Click here to watch a video on how I repaired the belt to be at least as good as new.

Inspiration · 06. October 2018
Don McNamara is a man I came to know through my Facebook group for men 50 and up interesting in strength and health. Don is 62, and is the 4th strongest powerlifter in his division in the USA. He hopes to be the second best before year end. Thing is, Don doesn't come across like a typical, proud athlete. He's incredibly humble, down-to-earth, and casual about his accomplishments.

Inspiration · 28. September 2018
The ideal man should have a broad range of skills that come in handy in life’s practical challenges. Without these, he and his family will certainly find themselves in a sticky situation at some point, without the ability to solve it themselves. Here are a few of the skills I feel should be in every good man‘s arsenal.

Inspiration · 07. September 2018
I recently received an excellent question from longtime Man Factory reader Phil. Click here to read his multilayered question, and my full, detailed answer about improving health and fitness when you're over 60.

Inspiration · 31. August 2018
I’ve noticed that when they describe players, coaches will often say things like “he’s a great competitor” or “he rises to the occasion.” But what is a “great competitor?” This is a question I’ve asked myself many times throughout my college career as a shot putter on the University of Tennessee’s track and field team, and I think I finally have a good answer.

Inspiration · 30. August 2018
Every dedicated lifter finds themselves without access to a gym at some point usually when travelling. When this happens, you can respond in one of two ways: Stop training until you regain gym access, or find a way to train anyway. In this video I show you how you can choose option two, and using nothing more than a children's playground and your bodyweight, get a great workout in.

Inspiration · 22. August 2018
One consistent shortcoming I’ve noticed among many baby boomers and pre baby boomers is passive, defeated acceptance of the aging process. Nearly every time I hang out with grey-haired folks, the topic of aging comes up, most often in the form of a lament. “You just wait,” they often tell me. “When you get to be my age, you’ll wish you still looked as good as you do now."

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