Lifestyle · 16. March 2018
My goal for this article is to provide a reality check for those considering parenthood. I won’t spend much time dwelling on the joyful parts of child-rearing, because no one needs a warning about those. Not all aspects of parenthood are joyful, though. Not even close. Here are 5 things I wish someone had told me about having a child.

Inspiration · 14. March 2018
No matter how long to journey before you, the most important step is simply to start. Watch this video about one of my most formative starting points on my strength training and fitness journey.

Inspiration · 14. March 2018
Over the last few months, a number of Man Factory subscribers have asked me some version of the same question: why barbells? After all, there are so many different forms of exercise. Why focus on just one? It’s a fair question. My answer is both simple and complex, and it’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

Training & Nutrition · 07. March 2018
In this video I share a quick, simple trick I use to help improve my workouts and make fatigue towards the end less of an issue. If you've done much training before, you're probably familiar with how energy wanes as the sessions nears completion. That's why it's important to hit the main, most important lifts first. Trouble is, this approach often means later assistance exercises are poorly executed due to lack of energy. Click and watch my solution for this.

Lifestyle · 06. March 2018
A number of people have asked me to make a video about the backwoods cabin I built where my family and I currently live. I started the project when I was 18, and have been working on it off and on ever since. If you've read my "Cabin Chronicles" series, you'll already be familiar with the place, but perhaps not in its current form. Click to watch the video.

Lifestyle · 28. February 2018
In my early days of bodybuilding, I was frustrated with what seemed like pathetically little progress on my physique, and particularly tempted to start using something. I almost gave in. Thankfully I became convinced steroids weren’t my path to fulfillment after all, and never took any. Since then I’ve had several people ask why I choose to remain a natural lifter. Here are the 4 most important reasons.

Lifestyle · 27. February 2018
I decided to build my own fully functional home gym when I got serious about training. Lately I've gotten lots of requests for a tour of my setup, so I decided to make a video.

Inspiration · 27. February 2018
I’ve learned many things since my early days of struggle, but the most valuable lesson is how to keep going when my enthusiasm disappears. Here are 3 strategies I use when this happens that can help you, too.

Training & Nutrition · 22. February 2018
With an estimated 338 000 personal trainers working in the USA as of 2018, you’d think we’d be the fittest continent on Earth, but we’re not. Quite the opposite. Although 55 million Americans will hold gym memberships this year, 80 percent will quit within the first month. Obviously personal trainers aren’t solely to blame for this. Laziness is. But could PT’s be doing a better job? I think so.

Training & Nutrition · 22. February 2018
Once you settle into the rhythm of regular training and start seeing results, it's easy to start feeling invincible. You're not. Every serious trainee deals with injury at some point, and sometimes knowing how to get back to the gym can be difficult. That's where this video can help. It shows my first time bench pressing after a cracked rib kept me out of the gym for a while.

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