Training & Nutrition · 21. February 2018
Loaded barbell exercises are the best way to get strong, but if you try heavy squats or deadlift without proper stretching first, you're asking for trouble. Watch the video below and see two simple and effective stretches you can do anywhere to help improve hip flexibility for squats and other leg dominant movements.

Lifestyle · 19. February 2018
Cities are necessary. I’m just glad I don’t have to live in one. If you’re from the concrete jungle and curious about the appeal of the country, keep reading. Here are 5 reasons I love my rural lifestyle.

Inspiration · 15. February 2018
This article is to give you a helpful list of the things you can do to become more manly. Maybe this isn't your goal, and that's fine. But if you're one of the thousands of men out there who feel you could be doing better in the manliness department, these words are for you.

Lifestyle · 14. February 2018
When it comes to strength, fitness, and general health, there's a lot more to it then just lifting heavy weights. In fact, if that's all you do you'll likely have problems. Therapeutic massage might not be something you've thought much about. Up until recently, I was the same, but after having a conversation with my friend Melanie Blain, a retired massage therapist, I realize more than ever that there's more to optimal body function than imposing training stress. Read our conversation.

Lifestyle · 09. February 2018
If you’ve read my Cabin Chronicles series, you know that I built a small house in the woods where I now live with my wife, daughter, and cat. I started the project at 19, with virtually no knowledge or experience in construction. I’m 27 now, and if I could go back, I’d do it again. This article is to present you with some of the benefits of this self-building approach.

Training & Nutrition · 07. February 2018
For those driven to push their bodies to the natural limits so those limits can expand, being temporarily grounded by pain often breeds intense mental anguish. It certainly has for me. But all is not lost. Here are my 5 favourite battle strategies for when injury comes calling.

Training & Nutrition · 07. February 2018
If you like the idea of a home gym but don’t know what equipment you need to get started, this post will help. Here are the things you’ll need to build your own fully equipped strength training gym in your home.

Inspiration · 30. January 2018
This is the fifth part of "The Cabin Chronicles", the story of how I built my own home in the woods.

Inspiration · 30. January 2018
Several weeks ago my dad, Steve decided he wanted to start getting strong and fit. He asked me to design him a simple program and coach him in the basic barbell exercises. Since then he's improved rapidly in the bench press, squat, deadlift and overhead press. Check out my video of one of his bench sessions, with me coaching.

Inspiration · 30. January 2018
Every so often you hear about someone who defies all the usual stereotypes. Simeon is the perfect example. He's 82, trains for strength regularly, and is in better shape than many guys half his age. I've always planned to keep training as long as I can, and Simeon's lifestyle gives me something to strive for as I get older. If you're less than 82 and using age as an excuse for not training, it's time to reevaluate. Check out this Q&A session with Simeon, and get inspired by him like I did.

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