Lifestyle · 22. September 2018
When it comes to strength and fitness, it's hard to succeed without a good program and the right equipment. That said, everyday life presents plenty of opportunities for additional fitness, beyond what you do in the gym.

Training & Nutrition · 22. September 2018
The deadlift is a fundamental strength movement. The ability to bend over and pick up something heavy is an essential trait for convenience and quality of life. Deadlifting is also a way to test yourself like no other. My latest “test” was 405 lbs x 6.

Training & Nutrition · 15. September 2018
Sometimes a small change in technique can make a big difference to your results in the gym. In this video, I explain the difference between high bar and low bar squats, and why I switched from one to the other.

Lifestyle · 15. September 2018
’ve compiled the following list of signs that you’re too weak. You might disagree with some or all of these, and that’s fine. Just keep in mind that it’s easy to dismiss a set of standards which you don’t meet.

07. September 2018
Paul Poirier is a Canadian figure skater who's represented Canada at a slew of world competitions including the 2 different Olympics. He also happens to be my cousin, so naturally, I wanted to feature him on the Man Factory. Although his sport is all about technique, skill, and finesse, strength is an important component too, as you'll see. Here's a Q&A session Paul was kind enough to do with me. I think you'll find it interesting.

Inspiration · 07. September 2018
I recently received an excellent question from longtime Man Factory reader Phil. Click here to read his multilayered question, and my full, detailed answer about improving health and fitness when you're over 60.

Inspiration · 31. August 2018
I’ve noticed that when they describe players, coaches will often say things like “he’s a great competitor” or “he rises to the occasion.” But what is a “great competitor?” This is a question I’ve asked myself many times throughout my college career as a shot putter on the University of Tennessee’s track and field team, and I think I finally have a good answer.

Training & Nutrition · 31. August 2018
A while back my brother Joseph and I did a pretty intense, high volume upper body workout, which I decided to film. We started the session with strict overhead press for sets of 10, then moved on to exercises for the back, chest, and arms. Click and watch the video to see how we train upper body.

Inspiration · 30. August 2018
Every dedicated lifter finds themselves without access to a gym at some point usually when travelling. When this happens, you can respond in one of two ways: Stop training until you regain gym access, or find a way to train anyway. In this video I show you how you can choose option two, and using nothing more than a children's playground and your bodyweight, get a great workout in.

Inspiration · 22. August 2018
One consistent shortcoming I’ve noticed among many baby boomers and pre baby boomers is passive, defeated acceptance of the aging process. Nearly every time I hang out with grey-haired folks, the topic of aging comes up, most often in the form of a lament. “You just wait,” they often tell me. “When you get to be my age, you’ll wish you still looked as good as you do now."

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