Training & Nutrition · 17. November 2018
Recently I've been getting lots of requests for form checks on the basic barbell lifts, and I want to show you what that looks like. Below is a link to a video from John, a member of my Facebook group for men 50 and up interested in strength training. In the video he performs the overhead press, and wanted some feedback on his technique. Click here to watch the video of his lift, then keep reading below for John's explanation of his lift and my suggestions to him.

Training & Nutrition · 17. November 2018
In this article, I’ll talk about the classic exercise known as the deadlift. If you’d like to get stronger, this will be of help to you. If the word “deadlift” fills you with fear, then it’ll be an education, too.

Lifestyle · 17. November 2018
Every year the United Church in Gore Bay, Ontario, Manitoulin Island hosts a community turkey supper, and folks from all over come out to eat and enjoy the company.

Inspiration · 10. November 2018
The funny thing about winter is that it seems to divide people into 2 groups. There are those who calmly accept it with grace and poise, and those who rail against it and complain at every opportunity. As time goes on, I'm sad to report noticing more and more of the latter sort, and less of the former. Here's a video I made discussing this in more detail.

Training & Nutrition · 10. November 2018
Recently I decided to compete in my first official powerlifting competition, scheduled for Spring 2019. If you're unfamiliar with powerlifting, it's a barbell strength sport involving 3 different lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. The decision to compete has given me new drive and focus in my training, and has caused me to make some adjustments to my routine. The video below is the first in a series I'll be doing and why.

Lifestyle · 03. November 2018
I consider myself a crusader for strength and fitness, preaching a consistent message to the lazy and out-of-shape. But if this approach most often fails to get weak, untrained people hoisting barbells regularly, perhaps it's time to adjust my strategy.

Training & Nutrition · 03. November 2018
A friend of mine recently asked: "I'm currently training for my first masters powerlifting competition. I have a problematic inner elbow strain right now. Any advice?"

Training & Nutrition · 26. October 2018
I believe there's an important line to be drawn between training for general strength and health, and training to be the very strongest you can be in a few select movements. That line is what I'll be drawing here, in the form of the following points.

Inspiration · 26. October 2018
I recently asked the guys in my Facebook group, Strength North of 50, to share their favourite inspirational quotes and mantras. These guys are all over 50, and committed to a strong, fit, and healthy lifestyle. If anyone knows how to reject age as an excuse for inactivity, it's these guys. I liked the quotes they shared, and I think you will too. Keep reading for a list of 13 quotes shared by strong, fit men over 50.

Training & Nutrition · 20. October 2018
Despite greater access than ever before to valid and informative scientific research, it seems a great many people are still very confused when it comes to separating health and fitness facts from fiction. This article is my humble attempt to bedunk several of the most common strength, health and fitness myths I encounter in my work as a strength coach. Keep reading to discover the truth.

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