Strength Routine For Better Posture

by Robert Maxwell


My youngest brother, Jacob, is eighteen now and attending classes at the University of Guelph. I've featured Jake on the site before, talking about his passion for horseback riding. You can watch that video here. The video you're about to see also has to do with Jacob. Jake's riding skills are good enough that he made the elite Guelph University riding team a few months back. This past week he had a competition which didn't go as well as he hoped, so he came to me for help. I don't know much about horsemanship, but Jake explained that he figured his biggest issue was poor posture and stability in the saddle. He asked me to design him a simple strength training routine specifically for improving these issues. With is busy school schedule, he could only manage 30 minutes, 3 times a week to train, so I knew I had to make the program efficient as well as effective. Click below to watch the video I made for Jake detailing his new routine, which he figures is exactly what he needs to look better and stronger in the saddle. Even if you've never gotten on a horse though, this same program can help you improve strength and posture, too.


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