Manitoulin Nature Video

by Robert Maxwell

Although I love powerlifting and running this website, my day job is operating a digital media production company which I started in 2009 called "Digital Peasant Media". Part of this work includes video production, and my latest video project is what I'd like to share with you today. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is an organization dedicated to the preservation of natural landscapes. They use donated funds to purchase large parcels of unspoiled land, just to make sure it never suffers human development. The NCC hired me to visit three different properties they own here on Manitoulin Island, and collect footage and photos of the landscape. The video below is a 2.5 minute montage of the most beautiful footage I gathered of my island home over the past week. No music or sound, because that's how the organization wanted it. Just a couple minutes of stunning natural beauty from all angles. Enjoy!

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