Three Pieces of Home Gym Equipment To Help Develop Your Leg Muscles

Guest post by Lucy Christie

With 80% of people failing to keep their New Year resolutions, the high number of people failing to keep up with their fitness goals to attend the gym should not come as a surprise. They will typically look for excuses such as the lack of time, money or even poor personal trainers. If you genuinely lack time to visit a gym often, then you should consider setting up a personal gym at your home from which you can exercise, either early in the morning or late after coming from work. When setting up your gym, however, you ought to work out a way to bring balance in terms of fitness to both your upper and lower body. 


Having an idea of the right equipment to use in strengthening your lower body could be quite helpful. Here is some gym equipment that you should consider buying for your leg exercises.



Barbells have more benefits to offer other than the development of your shoulder muscles. When used effectively, they can help in the development of the glutes, upper thigh and hamstring muscles. Typically, you will be killing two birds with one stone through buying barbells for your home gym. To effectively make use of barbells in your leg muscle development goals, you can choose to use them to perform different barbell exercise techniques like deadlifts, lunges, squats and even hip thrusts. Building a perfect home gym is not all about working out, but also making sure that you’re eating the proper diet to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  


Lower body exercises are as important as the upper body exercises. With the home gym equipment above, you can get to enhance your lower body strength while at home. Starting a gym at home doesn’t have to be expensive. Start with simple equipment first and then consider upgrading later if your budget and working out routine allows you to.


Leg extension machines

Leg extension exercises basically target to strengthen quadriceps muscles which run from your knee to your pelvis along your thigh. The muscles are usually responsible for knee extension and hip flexion. Well, exercises that involve a leg extension machine require you to sit on a chair while using your quadriceps to lift a weight bar. So, why should you use a leg extension machine while numerous other exercises offer the same benefit to your legs? While exercises such as lunges and squats can benefit your quadriceps, a leg extension machine makes the exercise more effective by isolating the exercise to these specific muscles.


Recumbent exercise bikes

When choosing simple-to-use home gym equipment to buy such as exercise bikes, you will typically be faced with two options; buy an upright bike or a recumbent bike. While both bikes offer increased leg muscle development rates and promote weight loss, a recumbent bike tends to place a lot of focus on more muscles than the upright bikes do. A good recumbent exercise bike will help you develop the thigh, lower leg, and buttock muscles. However, the success rate of the bike exercises will simply depend on how you approach your exercise bike workout.


Lucy Christie is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across a variety of sectors. She made the move to freelancing after several years as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Lucy loves the work-life balance freelancing offers her.

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