Tour of My Home Gym

by Robert Maxwell

UPDATED 3NOV2018 - Since filming and posting the video below early in 2018, I've learned a few things about home gyms and home gym equipment. The first has to do with the main training tool I recommend everyone use regularly – a barbell. I didn't get too specific about the make and model of the barbells shown in the video, but since posting it, I've purchased a new barbell for my home gym. It's the Ohio Power Bar, made by Rogue Fitness. My old barbell are fine, but now that I'm regularly squatting over 400 pounds for reps, I needed a bar that had zero risk of bending under very heavy weight. That said, if you're new to strength training and currently outfitting your own home gym, there's not need to get an extremely high end, expensive barbell. At least not right away.


As many of you know, I'm a big fan of home gyms. Not typical home gyms with a couple dumbbells and an elliptical machine, but properly equipped strength training gyms in your home. I don't like the atmosphere of most commercial gyms, and having to share space and equipment with strangers makes it even worse. That's why I decided to build my own fully functional home gym when I got serious about training. Lately I've gotten lots of requests for a tour of my setup, so I decided to make a video. Click below to see the original Man Factory.


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