Snow Shoveling for Cardio

by Robert Maxwell

Cardio often gets a bad rap for as the boring type of exercise, and sometimes that's true. Hours sweating on a treadmill isn't my idea of a captivating workout, but cardio doesn't have to be so repetitive. Check out my video on turning everyday tasks like shoveling snow into interesting, high intensity cardio sessions.


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    David Wieland (Saturday, 10 March 2018 22:19)

    Right on! Fitness through purposeful, useful work has long been my aim. Your snow shovelling is a minor variation on the technique I adopted in my 20s -- back on the homestead. I discovered a small but rugged plastic Butler snow shovel that I used to become a "human snowblower" by vigorously taking sweeping bites from even deep snow. Each sweep ended with flinging the snow well off the path. Moving rhythmically and continuously in this way, I became a snow-throwing machine and definitely got a cardio workout. It still works in my 70s!